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The Helpful Hardware Company, LLC

4715 Hammond Industrial Dr. Cumming, GA 30041

Phone: 678-666-1319 ex. 105


Note: Current email address (es) are required. The Helpful Hardware Company

reserves the right to contact credit account holders via email and phone. 

All areas marked "*" are required information for credit application submission.

If required areas are not filled, credit application will not be submitted. 


Type of Ownership
Business Type
Tax Exemption
Upload File
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Organization Information
Financial Information
Business References
Do you require a purchase order?
Purchasing Agreement

Resale To: Ace Hardware, The Helpful Hardware Company, LLC,  DBA: Ace Hardware Midway, Ace Hardware Hammonds, Ace Hardware Hwy 20, Ace Hardware Springfield, Ace Hardware Donelson, Ace Hardware Woodmont, Ace Hardware Three Fountains, Ace Hardware White House, Ace Hardware Duncan, Walker Hardware, Ace Hardware Indian Trail, Ace Hardware Brookstone, Southern Homes & Garden, Ace Hardware Cordova, Ace Hardware Holly Hill, Ace Hardware North Hall, Ace Hardware Bethlehem, Ace Hardware Ladson.

The undersigned hereby certifies that all tangible personal property hereafter purchased by him/her is for the purposes of resale, and assumes liability for payment of the Retailers Occupation Tax, Service Occupation Tax or Use Tax with respect to receipts from the resales of this property to users or consumers.

This certificate shall be considered in part of each order which we shall give, unless such order otherwise specifies.

Authorized Users List

Note: No restrictions to charge will be placed on this account unless a specific list of authorized users is provided. Any changes to the list must be submitted in writing

Information Certification

I/We certify that all the information on this form is correct. I/We fully understand your credit terms and agree to the proper payment in consideration of the extended credit. Furthermore, I/We approve of your obtaining information from the above references and a credit report on my company or if no a corp, a report on Me/us personally. If you update, renew, or extend my line of credit, you may request a new report without notice.

Terms and Conditions

We hereby apply for credit with The Helpful Hardware Company, LLC and agree to the following regarding purchases using the store Business Charge.

  1. We will have the privilege of a 30 day business charge account, in which we will pay the full amount of all merchandise purchased within 1 days from the date of each billing statement.

  2. The account will start with a credit limit of $500 of the total amount paid on the account during the last twelve months, whichever is higher. Any other credit limit must be arranged by The Helpful Hardware Company, LLC.

  3. If we do not pay the full amount for all merchandise purchased within 14 days from the date of each billing statement, we agree to the following: We will incur and pay a finance charge which will be computed at a periodic rate of 1.5% per month (an annual percentage rate of 18% on that potion of the previous balance remaining after deducting payments and credits prior to the current closing date. 

  4. If we do not pay on our account as agreed to or exceed the credit limit, our business charge account will be temporarily suspended unless other arrangements are made with The Helpful Hardware Company, LLC.

  5. The Helpful Hardware Company, LLC, Ace Hardware will provide a statement each month which will show the unpaid balance for merchandise purchased including any monthly finance charge.

  6. The Helpful Hardware Company, LLC, Ace Hardware may declare the unpaid balance to be due and payable if we default in making any required payment in full when due and we agree to pay The Helpful Hardware Company, LLC (or its agents) all reasonable collection expenses, attorney’s fees and court cost incurred in the collecting of this account.

  7. We will immediately notify The Helpful Hardware Company, LLC upon any change in our address and email address of company ownership.

Agreemens & Certifications:

Thank you for Applying!

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