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Vickers V10/V20 Double Vane Pumps-Customizable Pump Setups for Every

Design Features

Vickers V10/V20 Double Vane Pumps - Customizable Pump Setups for Every Application

When you need a pump that can handle your toughest applications, consider the V10 and V20 double vane pumps from Vickers. These heavy duty pumps have been used in many industries, including chemical processing, food processing, water treatment and power generation. They can handle high viscosity fluids and abrasive materials with ease. The double vane design ensures that there is no need for a check valve or seal which increases the lifespan of the pump.

The models in this series come in two sizes: 10" and 20". Each size has options for either three or four ports depending on whether you want to run multiple lines from one pump or not. The maximum flow rate for these pumps is 7 gpm at 130 psi and 5 gpm at 150 psi (for the 20-4 model). The minimum flow rate is 0.5 gpm at 80 psi (for both models). If you are looking for something smaller than this but still want to use a double vane pump then check out our piston pumps instead!

How V10 and V20 Pumps Work

Vickers V10 and V20 pumps are dual-vane, centrifugal pumps that can be used in a wide range of applications. They can be used as vacuum pumps to evacuate liquids or gases, or they can be used as pressure pumps to move liquids or gases. The dual-vane design allows for a high pumping speed while maintaining low flow rates. This makes them ideal for use in manufacturing processes where there is a need to draw a small amount of liquid from many different sources. The two vanes are positioned so that one vane is always ahead of the other, which means that each vane moves fluid at different speeds during operation. This causes each vane to move fluid at different speeds during operation, allowing for efficient pumping action.

The main difference between the two models is their maximum operating pressure. The V10 has a maximum operating pressure of 2800 kPa (400 psi), while the V20 has a maximum operating pressure of 4500 kPa (600 psi).

Vickers Double Vane Pump Performance Options

When your application calls for a pump with high performance and reliability, Vickers V10/V20 double vane pumps are the perfect choice.

The Vickers double vanes are precision ground to exact tolerances to ensure consistent flow and pressure characteristics. This allows you to design a highly reliable pump setup that is customized to your application. The double vanes are also designed with heavy duty materials and components so they can withstand the most demanding conditions.

In addition, the patented Vickers Double Vaned Pump design allows for more efficient operation than other types of pumps, which results in less energy use and lower operating costs over time. These pumps are also capable of handling higher viscosity fluids such as grease, oil or grease-water solutions at pressures up to 15,000 psi (1,000 bar).


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