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How to Format Supporting Material?

Bibliographic references - a reference to what is said in a scientific work in bibliographic order. For example, subscript links are located at the bottom of pages and are marked with an asterisk or numbers. Electronic resources can also be used in the dissertation. However, should not be abused. Remember that you should carefully check each electronic material for reliability and adequacy, as well as for the presence of semantic and grammatical errors.

Electronic resources mean all materials taken from websites, electronic newspapers and magazines, scientific portals. To designate an email address, a URL is used before the link. When designating other electronic resources, they should always be preceded by the designation [Electronic resource].

If the electronic resource is local (disk or other storage media), then it is denoted by a name, for example 2 - DVD-ROM. Also, when specifying any electronic material, you must indicate next to it the date of access to this source of information. In addition, if access to an electronic resource is limited and a paid subscription is needed, this will also need to be indicated.

The application is usually also part of the scientific reference apparatus. It includes all the materials involved in the study. Usually the supporting materials are:

  • a brief description of the methods used;

  • citations from sources;

  • letters, interviews;

  • Photo.

All these data are usually presented in the form of graphs, tables, figures and other graphical forms. At the same time, it must be remembered that all materials must be submitted in full so that they can be checked.

Under each figure or table there should be a caption with a title, under the photo (if possible) - authorship. In addition, it is required to indicate where this or that graphic information is taken from (Internet, books, magazines, and so on). The appendix is usually located at the very end of the dissertation. If there are auxiliary indexes in the scientific work, then the appendices are formed before these indexes.

References to these appendices in the main text are indicated in parentheses. If the applications are large, it is better to issue them separately in a folder with a title page identical to the title page of the dissertation. In the end, we note that a structured scientific apparatus is able to make a good impression on the members of the scientific council and talk about the literacy of the author.

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