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Wheel center birthing is just one of the essential components of the vehicle. Its primary work is to bring the weight offer precise assistance for the turning of the center. This needs it to birth just axial tons however likewise radial tons.

Conventional vehicle wheel bearings are made up of 2 collections of conical roller bearings sphere bearings. The setup, fueling oil, securing clearance modification of the bearings are carried out on the vehicle assembly line. This framework makes it challenging to put together in a vehicle manufacturing grow, with high set you back bad dependability, when the car is preserved at a repair work factor, the birthing have to be skr bearingscleaned up, fueled oil changed.

Wheel birthing system sphere bearings are designed on the basis of basic angular get in touch with sphere bearings conical roller bearings. It utilizes 2 collections of bearings overall, has great setting up efficiency, can omit clearance modification, is light-weight, has a small framework. Big tons capability, pre-filled oil for secured bearings, omission of outside center secures, maintenance-free.

Strong Oil is an oil filled, polymer product that practically fills up all the free area in the birthing. The polymer product is moulded into the birthing developing really tighten spaces about the rolling aspects and raceways, allowing the birthing to turn easily. The polymer product has a permeable framework, with countless micro-pores, that hold the lubing oil kept by surface area stress. In procedure, oil is launched from the product skr bearingsinto the tighten spaces in between it and the birthing elements, therefore offering efficient minimal amount lubrication.

A birthing with Strong Oil includes 2 to 4 times more oil compared to bearings lubed with a traditional oil load, are lubed for the life of the birthing and can't be relubricated. Strong Oil can't be rinsed and practically fills up all free area restricting the quantity of dust and contamination that can go into the birthing. The polymer dental filling literally sustains essential secures, strengthening their efficiency under washdown problems.

No lubricant washout

Reduce danger of rust

Enhanced lubricant tank

Much longer lubricant life

Security versus the access of pollutants

Reduced ecological effect due to no lubricant leak

Rings and spheres made from birthing skr bearingssteel 100Cr6


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